Chinese Export Porcelain Armorial Plate, c. 1760

Chinese Export porcelain plate, the center painted with a pseudo-armorial and flower sprays, the border with 'bianco sopra bianco' (white on white) decoration and four gilt cartouches painted with fruit; the reverse with gilt bamboo and floral painting.

China c. 1760
9" diameter


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Condition: Excellent condition- tiny flake to the back, visible in the third photo at 7:00

This plate comes from a large and intriguing service that copies a Meissen original. Many different pseudo armorials and mottoes decorate the centers and their meaning remains unclear, but a Jesuit connection has been suggested. (1)

It is also conceivable this service was made for the Dutch trade. Meissen porcelain was very popular in Holland in the 18th century. In fact, there is pattern with four embossed cartouches and raised decoration nearly identical to this service called the Dulong pattern. It's named for the Amsterdam firm of Dulong, Godefroy and Dulong that dealt in Meissen and ordered a service in 1743. (2) It has been suggested that a Chinese Export service could have been less expensive than a Meissen one. (3)

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