Biedermeier Mahogany Mirror

Biedermeier Mahogany Mirror
View 2: Biedermeier Mahogany Mirror
View 3: Biedermeier Mahogany Mirror

Biedermeier mahogany mirror, the rounded crest over the frieze with geometric inlay; the mirror plate set within a border with walnut squares inlaid to the corners; the lower portion with string inlay and applied molding.

There is often a strong architectural aspect to Biedermeier furniture and this mirror is no exception. Viewed one way, the inlay to the frieze is an arrangement of geometric shapes- 3 rectangles and a half circle. Viewed another way, it suggests a flight of stairs leading to an arch. Each 'step' is shorter than the one below it, the bottom step being the highest, creating the illusion we're looking up and into the arch. Note also the beautiful veneer. The top portion is veneered with a single sheet of figured mahogany which continues over the applied molding just below the rounded crest. The veneer on the lower section is cut from the same board, as is that of the sides, but the grain is turned 90 degrees.

Northern Germany c. 1820
39" x 15"


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The walnut squares near the glass were originally painted black and decorated with a brass medallion. There is a small vertical age crack to the right side of the frieze, visible in the photo.

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